Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli

The roots of what today is known as gypsy jazz originate from the Quintette Du Hot Club De Paris in 1934 and the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. Django is considered by many to be the father of jazz guitar. A Romani born in Belgium in 1910, the Romani people kept his music alive passing it down through the generations after he died in 1954. This is the reason for the genre's awkward name "gypsy jazz," yet it is also more appropriately known as hot club jazz or jazz manouche. The music is immediately familiar and has withstood the years quite well. Think of background music while sitting in a Parisian cafe sipping coffee or the soundtrack to a romantic comedy. You get the picture. The great jazz standards of the first half of the 20th century provide the musical palette for gypsy jazz.

Crested Butte and Gypsy Jazz

Crested Butte has a tradition of honoring this music every summer for years and has been host to many of the best gypsy jazz musicians in the world. More recently, Crested Butte has been hosting gypsy jazz camps providing an opportunity for musicians to gather, play music, and learn the style. The Colorado Gypsy Jazz Camp continues this tradition and provides a unique opportunity for study in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. The town of Crested Butte retains the character of an old Colorado mining town and has been named the Last Great Ski Town of Colorado. When you are not jamming the area has great hiking, biking, fishing, wildflowers, or just about any other mountain activity you could think of.

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